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Map showing koala distribution


Australia's most at-risk populations of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)— those in Queensland, brand new South Wales together with Australian Capital Territory are protected under national environment legislation. The federal environment minister listed Australia's most in danger koala populations in April 2012 as vulnerable under national environment law.

Types description

The koala is a tree-dwelling, medium sized marsupial with a stocky body, big rounded ears, razor-sharp claws and variable but predominantly grey-coloured fur. Guys generally tend to be bigger than females and there's a gradient in body weight from north to south across their particular range, with bigger people when you look at the south and smaller individuals when you look at the north.

The typical fat of men is 6.5 kg in Queensland, weighed against 12 kg in Victoria. Koalas within the north generally have shorter, silver-grey fur, whereas those in the south have actually longer, thicker, brown-grey fur.

Is there one species of koala?

Discover one types of koala. Variations in real functions such fur colour and the body size are attributed to various ecological circumstances without subspecies differentiation. DNA studies carried out in the 1990s support the conclusion that in the place of be sectioned off into subspecies, the koala must certanly be conserved across Australian Continent as just one species but conservation also needs to understand the importance of sub-populations to make certain hereditary difference and strength are preserved.

Where could be the koala discovered?

INDICATIVE MAP JUST: environment distributions tend to be put together using a variety of datasets of varying quality and really should simply be used as a guide. The current presence of the types or its habitat should be confirmed using regional information resources. More info can be obtained through department's Protected Matters Research Tool.

The koala is indigenous to Australia and widely distributed from north Queensland toward Eyre Peninsula western of Adelaide in South Australian Continent. Koalas were moved to new areas and reintroduced into places, now occur outside their particular initial all-natural habitat such as for instance on islands off Victoria, Southern Australia and Queensland. Environment distributions tend to be put together using a variety of datasets of differing quality and should simply be utilized as helpful information. The presence of the types or its habitat should be confirmed using local information sources.

Environment description and qualities of detailed populations

Koalas live in a range of temperate, sub-tropical and exotic woodland, woodland and semi-arid communities dominated by eucalypt species. Their particular distribution can also be impacted by height, temperature and, in the western and north finishes associated with the range, leaf dampness.

As a leaf-eating professional, the koala's diet is fixed primarily to foliage of eucalyptus types. They are seen sitting in or eating around 120 types of eucalypt, but specific koalas typically have a majority of their nutrition from 1 or various species bought at an individual site. Choices might differ between areas or seasons.

Really, almost anyplace you will find gum trees there might be koalas. They can be sparsely distributed, and challenging see, so that men and women cannot even know they are around.

Exactly what threats do the most at-risk koala communities face?

With such habitat already lost and fragmented, koala communities may be even more vunerable to the effects of drought, environment change and infection. Metropolitan development consistently threaten koalas, particularly in coastal areas, both through vegetation reduction, vehicle attack, while the threat of predation by dogs.

The reason why had been this process taken for the types listing?

Some areas have observed their koala populations decline over a number of years, while some have reasonably large populations. For example, koala communities on Kangaroo Island plus in elements of Victoria are thought too-large is lasting because of their habitat and need to be managed through supervised translocation and sterilisation.

At other end regarding the range, koala populations in some areas of seaside Queensland and brand new South Wales face an ever-increasing menace from urban growth, condition, habitat reduction, vehicle hit, and predation by dogs. Koala populations within these places may also be much more vunerable to the consequences of drought and weather modification.

Due to the wide variants in populace dimensions, health insurance and standing, the Threatened Species Scientific Committee suggested that a blanket or a one-size-fits-all approach to a koala species listing is improper and didn't suggest a listing of your whole or national koala populace.

The Committee suggested that koala populations in Queensland, New Southern Wales and Australian Capital Territory had been most vulnerable and required listing under nationwide environment legislation to ensure the species sustainability. The Committee recommended that safeguarding koalas within these places given to top preservation outcome for koala.

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