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Land tax New South Wales

You may need to spend land tax on:

  • vacant land, including vacant outlying land
  • land in which a property, domestic unit or flat is built
  • any occasion house
  • a good investment residential property or properties
  • business subject products
  • residential, commercial or industrial products, including vehicle areas
  • commercial properties, including industrial facilities, stores and warehouses
  • land leased from condition or town.

What are the present rates and thresholds?

In September every year the Valuer General determines brand new land-tax and premium price thresholds for year ahead.

The current prices and thresholds are the following:

Taxation 12 months Threshold Price
2017 $549, 000 $100 plus 1.6% up to the premium limit.
$3, 357, 000 and over (Premium threshold) $45, 028 when it comes to very first $3, 357, 000 after that 2per cent over that.

Do I need to create land-tax?

In the event that total worth of your nonexempt land is more than the land tax threshold, it is important to create land-tax.

Just how do I create land-tax?

To register for land-tax, it is possible to:

  • give us a call on 1300 139 816.

When you have previously signed up for land tax, you don't need to complete another subscription.

You need to register because of the 31 March within the taxing year. In the event that you are not able to lodge a return, we possibly may use interest and penalties towards evaluation based on the Taxation management Act 1996.

When subscribed, how do I alter my details?

If your details have changed, it is possible to upgrade them:

How will I know if I have to pay?

As soon as you register, we'll deliver a notice of evaluation based on the information you have offered. This will show any land tax payable from the land you possess. You may then be given with a yearly evaluation if liable.

How may be the worth of my land determined?

We utilize land values furnished by the Valuer General, which values your land as on 1 July. We utilize the valuation the year ahead of the tax 12 months, for instance, the 2016 price is employed for 2017 tax 12 months.

To look for the worth of your land, we add the land value for the current income tax year and the land values for the past two taxation many years, after that determine the average.

Strata unit valuations

For strata products, the land value for every single individual strata good deal is calculated on a proportional basis, using the unit entitlement for each great deal plus the aggregate the strata scheme.

What if we disagree because of the valuation of my land?

If you disagree using valuation of land, you may object towards land valuation utilized in your land-tax assessment by objecting on Valuer General within 60 times of getting your notice of evaluation.

Note: if you should be objecting to your land valuation, you are going to nonetheless need to pay your land-tax or perhaps you could be charged interest on any outstanding obligation.

Exactly how is land tax computed?

Land tax is calculated on the complete worth of all your nonexempt land above the land-tax threshold ($549, 000).

The quantity of tax paid is $100 and 1.6 % for the land-value involving the threshold additionally the premium price threshold ($3, 357, 000) and 2 percent after that.

Note: where land is owned in relationship, whatever the few lovers, the limit is still $549, 000.

Ones own curiosity about a relationship can also be assessable if that owner holds various other land separately or with other partnerships.


A business is evaluated in the same way as a sole owner unless its about another business

Associated businesses

Businesses tend to be related if:

  • a company manages the structure of this board of directors regarding the various other business
  • several individuals own more than half the voting shares in 2 or more businesses
  • a person(s) and a business, where these are generally a shareholder together, have a controlling interest shareholding an additional company.

Whenever assessing related businesses the concessional organization obtains the benefit of the threshold and each various other business (non-concessional) is examined without limit.

Where in fact the concessional or combined concessional organizations’ land-value surpasses the advanced rate limit, the land-value of each non-concessional organization is examined at 2 per cent for the nonexempt worth.

Where the land value does not go beyond the advanced rate limit, but surpasses the overall threshold, the land value of each and every non-concessional company is examined at 1.6 percent of this nonexempt worth.


For land tax functions, trusts may be divided into six categories:

  • special trusts
  • fixed trusts
  • superannuation trusts
  • trusts created by a might
  • concessional trusts
  • altruistic trusts

A special trust is a trust where in actuality the trustee is the just person who satisfies the meaning of ‘owner’ for land-tax purposes, while the beneficiaries are not considered to be proprietors. If a trust does not fulfill one of several next trust definitions, it is an unique trust. Examples of unique trusts consist of most family trusts, discretionary trusts, some product trusts many trusts produced by a will.

The land tax limit cannot apply to unique trusts, which are taxed at an appartment rate of 1.6 per cent for amounts around the premium land tax limit and at 2 per cent after that.

The next trusts get the land tax limit:

A set trust is a trust where in fact the beneficiaries are believed to-be people who own the land at taxing date of midnight 31 December. The reason being they are presently eligible to the income and money of this trust that entitlements can't be varied because of the trustee by any means. Fixed trusts consist of some product trusts and bare trusts.

A superannuation trust is a complying superannuation investment, a complying approved deposit fund or a pooled superannuation trust under Sections 42, 43 and 44 correspondingly of the Commonwealth Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

A trust developed by a might is eligible to the limit. However, if trust is a testamentary discretionary trust, it will be an unique trust 24 months after the time of loss of the testator, or such additional period as approved because of the Chief Commissioner.

A family device trust is a trust that held land at nighttime on 31 December 2005 with a nonexempt value of $1, 000, 000 or less, the system holders have actually fixed entitlement to earnings or capital, and 95 % or maybe more of units had been family-owned. Certain requirements must certanly be met to carry on to be considered as a family group product trust.

A concessional trust is a trust where in actuality the land when you look at the trust is held for the benefit of somebody who is:

a non-profit trust, includes trusts created for the relief of impoverishment, advancement of education or religion and for the advantage of the community.

Note: A beneficiary or device owner in a set trust, a trust created by a will (apart from a special trust), a family group device trust or a concessional trust is an owner of the desire for the trust and would have to use the value of their interest under consideration whenever a liability to land-tax has been considered.

a device trust might a hard and fast trust, a unique trust or a family group product trust. Is a set trust, particular criteria apply. If these criteria usually do not apply, the trustee may restructure the trust deed to meet the criteria however the limit will only apply from the after that income tax 12 months.

Source: www.osr.nsw.gov.au
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