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Landscape design is a big-picture, wide reaching control which plays an important part in shaping people domain associated with metropolitan environment, especially in the face for the difficulties of international urbanisation and climate modification. Landscape architects practice design jobs which aim to stabilize the protection of ecosystem wellness with cultural variety and social equity. They run at a range of scales, from site to metropolitan region, integrating design with technology and manufacturing to create and maintain comprehensive, stunning and resilient landscapes. Landscape architects play leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams involved with complex urban tasks. High profile neighborhood metropolitan tasks, particularly Sydney Park and Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney, are just two examples of the transformative impact that landscape design has actually in contemporary towns.

What's the part of a Landscape Architect?

As a Landscape Architect, you are going to work on general public and private outside areas throughout locations and towns. The types of jobs you will definitely run consist of urban parks and plazas, green corridors, walls and green roofs, neighbourhood precincts, streetscapes and highways, urban waterfronts and conservation tasks.

“we find the UNSW developed Environment landscape design system because it's highly regarded and recognised in the industry.”

Alumnus Elke Haege, owner of Elke Haege Landscape Architects

The reason why study Landscape Architecture at UNSW Built Environment?

  • Your level and your skills will carry a prestige that international influence
  • You’ll leave UNSW with skills and understanding that prompt you to employable anywhere in Australian Continent, all over the world
  • You should have the chance to work with exclusive training, in federal, condition and regional governments or in universities
  • The majority of our sessional academic staff are in personal rehearse. They help you hook up to present projects and supply ideas into the diverse professional paths accessible to land architects.
  • Your degree has actually an embedded honours 12 months, incorporating status and analysis expertise to your qualification
  • You will have the opportunity to undertake an independent research project

Gain special useful work knowledge

A significant component of the UNSW Landscape Architecture level may be the four months mandatory work experience.

This reveals that actuality requirements for the landscape design training and you with the chance to gain additional practical knowledge thereby applying the skills you learn at UNSW. Most of all, you’ll be in the middle of industry peers who are able to help develop your abilities and your professional networks.

International Opportunities

There are many international options for students enrolled with UNSW Landscape Architecture. Make use of the UNSW worldwide community of trade programs and spend to 12 months studying offshore. Recently pupils have studied during the following schools: Penn State University; University of Calfornia at Berkeley; Purdue University, and Sheffield University in England.

Travel with other pupils by enrolling in an interdisciplinary intercontinental studio. Every year, our students have the option of planing a trip to Italy or Cambodia with pupils from Architecture and Interior Architecture to analyze and explore brand-new metropolitan conditions.

Or benefit from the global diversity at UNSW: numerous staff come from international; and every year, students off their nations undertake their particular trade programs around.

Modern and vital jobs

Recent pupils been employed by on real and complex metropolitan projects such as for instance a masterplan for the City of Gosford, a brand new city to accommodate Sydney's 2nd airport at Badgery’s Creek plus the Bay's Precinct in Sydney Harbour.

UNSW Landscape Architecture provides the chance to practice real-life environmental difficulties while you study.

Record + Innovation = Status

Innovation is central to UNSW Landscape Architecture. In 1974 UNSW was 1st Australian institution to provide a course in landscape design.

During the last 40 many years, quite a few students have grown to be industry frontrunners, and collectively won numerous awards. Numerous others have actually pursued careers offshore, or longer their particular studies done by seeking a post-graduate degree.

Today, UNSW has the just four year Landscape Architecture level in NSW totally accredited because of the internationally recognised Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). As soon as you graduate and total work knowledge, you might qualify to be a registered Landscape Architect.

Your career options

Studying Landscape Architecture at UNSW made Environment suggests you will gain many abilities.

From design and visual communication, to plant understanding, innovative materials and ground breaking technologies, environmental legislation and landscape administration to legalities, contracts, ethics and tendering, our course engages you into the understanding and practical abilities to provide you with the opportunity to work in diverse job streams including:

  • Start a training, planning brand-new advancements or personal properties
  • Planning, creating and managing areas and public infrastructure
  • Designing green roofs and vertical landscapes for lasting structures
  • Designing and building relaxing services including golf programs, recreations grounds, playgrounds and motif areas
  • Planning subdivisions and city centers
  • Generating metropolitan styles such as for instance general public squares, waterfronts, pedestrian routes and cycleways
  • Environmental design that minimises environmental anxiety.

​Be trained for an international job that includes an impact

The focus of this UNSW Landscape Architecture system is on innovative landscape design motivated by and tuned in to Australian conditions. This process makes you to work anywhere in the world.

At UNSW Landscape Architecture, you will definitely

  • Spend more or less one-third of your energy in design studios
  • Invest roughly two thirds of energy learning diverse skills eg communication, technology, construction and history
  • Study from experienced professionals and academics
  • Expand your design abilities through modelling, experimentation, digital technologies, and experience of ideal training
  • Connect with experts and combine your understanding and skills with four months of work experience
  • Undertake an independent design task of regional value.

UNSW can kick-start your worldwide influence

Through your research with UNSW made Environment you will have the chance to continue a worldwide trade program. UNSW features over 200 change lovers from 39 nations so you virtually have the globe for your use. After you have gained practical regional understanding and intercontinental experience while learning, the only concern left is…which city in which country do I would like to alter? Click on this link for worldwide ooportunities.

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