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Postal Codes New South Wales

Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) treats the island territories as separate countries. It assigns all of them the codes XA and XAC for Ashmore and Cartier Islands, and XC and XCS for Coral water isles Territory.

Because of some confusion at ISO, there were at the least three various variations of ISO 3166-2 Newsletter quantity I-6 posted on the web. They differ regarding Australia and Tunisia. The correct version has-been published since about 2006-05-09. I mention it in the event anybody finds a duplicate of just one regarding the older versions.

Erratum: Under "Territorial extent", under Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay should really be located on the eastern coastline of brand new South Wales. Brand new Southern Wales does not have a-west coastline.

Legally, Jervis Bay Territory and Australian Capital Territory are two individual organizations. The Jervis Bay Territory Acceptance Act of 1915 says, "the laws and regulations ... in effect from time to time in the Australian Capital Territory are, as far as they have been appropriate into the Territory and are usually perhaps not contradictory with an Ordinance, in effect inside [Jervis Bay] Territory as if the Territory formed the main Australian Capital Territory." The text "just as if ... formed" mean that Jervis Bay Territory doesn't in reality form the main Australian Capital Territory. Jervis Bay is really firmly from the ACT that individuals will think of it within the ACT. Numerous reference books lump them together, including the CIA World Factbook.

Nation analysis:

ISO rule AU
GEC rule AS
Language English (en)
Time zone (see dining table)
Money Canberra

In 1900, there were six British colonies on the Australian continent. On January 1, 1901, they united to make just one separate country, professing allegiance towards the crown of England.

Various other names of nation:

  1. Danish: Australien
  2. Dutch: Australië, Gemenebest Australië (formal)
  3. English: Commonwealth of Australian Continent (formal), Oz (informal)
  4. Finnish: Australian Continent
  5. French: Australie, Commonwealth d'Australie (formal)
  6. German: Australien
  7. Icelandic: Ástralía
  8. Italian: Australian Continent
  9. Norwegian: Australia
  10. Portuguese: Austrália, Comunidade da Austrália (formal)
  11. Russian: Австралийский Союз (formal), Австралия
  12. Spanish: Australia, Commonwealth de Australian Continent (formal)
  13. Swedish: Australien
  14. Turkish: Avustralya

Origin of name:

Early cartographers used Latin Terra Australis: Southern Land

Main subdivisions:

Australia is divided into six says and five regions (see "Territorial extent" for more details).

Division Typ HASC ISO GEC IATA MARC Conv Zone Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Australian Capital Territory ty AU.AC ACT AS01 AC aca +10~ 357, 222 2, 365 913
Jervis Bay Territory AU.JB JBT 378 67 26
Brand New South Wales st AU.NS NSW AS02 NS xna 6, 917, 658 801, 425 309, 432 Sydney
Northern Territory AU.NT NT AS03 xoa +9:30 211, 945 1, 356, 170 523, 620 Darwin
Queensland AU.QL QLD AS04 QL qea Qld. +10 4, 332, 739 1, 736, 587 670, 500 Brisbane
Southern Australian Continent AU.SA SA AS05 xra +9:30~ 1, 596, 572 984, 377 380, 070 Adelaide
Tasmania AU.TS TAS AS06 TS tma Tas. 495, 354 68, 127 26, 304 Hobart
Victoria AU.VI VIC AS07 VI vra Vic. 5, 354, 042 227, 619 87, 884 Melbourne
Western Australian Continent AU.WA WA AS08 wea +8 2, 239, 170 2, 527, 621 975, 920 Perth
Ashmore and Cartier Islands AU.AS AT
Coral Sea Isles Territory AU.CR CR xga Kingston
11 divisions 21, 507, 717 7, 704, 366 2, 974, 672
  • Typ: These divisions are states (st) and territories (ty), as shown.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Codes from ISO 3166-2, identical to like 4212-1994.
  • GEC: Codes from GEC. The island territories are addressed as nations by GEC.
  • IATA: Codes utilized in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.
  • MARC: Machine Readable Cataloging codes
  • Conv: old-fashioned abbreviations. In postal addresses, use all capitals and no period.
  • Area: Time area indicator (see note below).

Time zone note: Lord Howe Island is offset +10:30 from UTC, and improvements only thirty minutes in the summertime, the only devote society that does so. Several resort islands in Queensland, and all sorts of of west Australia, have seen daylight-saving amount of time in some current summers. Broken Hill, New South Wales features often used Southern Australian time.

Various other codes:

Australian postal codes tend to be four digits. With a few exclusions, hawaii can be deduced from first 1 or 2 digits. The exclusions are cases where a city is served from a distribution center in a neighboring condition.

The Australian phone numbering system has already been reformed. Effective in 1997, there are four area rules, each serving a complete condition or states. All local telephone figures are eight digits. The replaces the old program, by which both the city access codes in addition to local numbers were variable long. Prior to the area code, dial 0 starting different Australian telephone, or your international access code followed closely by 61 from other countries. Regions with a blank in this line have actually a +672 international prefix.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has actually defined ASGC codes (source [2]). They include rules for a couple of levels of subdivision. The top-level divisions tend to be assigned "S/T" rules (state or territory).

This table shows these codes for each associated with states and regions:

Postal codes High-vol A/c ASGC
Australian Antarctic Territory 7151
26xx, 29xx 02xx
Xmas Island 6798
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 6799
Jervis Bay 2540
20xx-25xx, 27xx-28xx 1xxx
Norfolk Island 2899
08xx 09xx
4xxx 9xxx
50xx-57xx 58xx-59xx
70xx-77xx 78xx-79xx
3xxx 8xxx
60xx-67xx 68xx-69xx
  • High-vol: Unique postal rules for high-volume mailers.
  • A/c: Phone area signal.
  • ASGC: S/T signal from Australian Standard Geographic
  • Typ: c = nation, s = condition, t = territory.

Note: inside Typ column, I have tried personally c to denote regions having their particular country signal in ISO 3166-1.

Additional subdivisions:

You can find about 900 devices of town. In various areas, they've been called boroughs, places, district councils, municipalities, shires, or cities. There are additionally some unincorporated areas.

Source: www.statoids.com
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